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The company uses 100% carefully selected organic coffee beans. Our Fair-Trade coffee is certified, meets fair trade standards by fair trade organizations, that have created trading partnerships based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, with the main purpose of achieving higher equity in international trade. The issuance of a Fair-Trade label signifies that our company complies with Fair Trade organizations to promote, support producers, achieve sustainable environmental farming practices, and thereby prohibit child labor or forced labor practices.  The main goal of Fair-Trade organization is to have workers and co-ops develop well organized set of democratic structured decision-making processes that are pertinent to agricultural practices, not only limited the use of agrochemicals, also to have the ability to impact social and environmental issues. These coffees can also be ordered in any roast of your choice as ordered. A minimum of ten pounds is required to meet your specific needs. When ordering, please inform us whether you want whole bean, the type of Ground either in drip, coarse, fine, espresso, or Turkish. For your information, all our Fair-Trade organics are Shade Grown. The company freshly roasts our coffees and we package them in one-pound bags. Gluten-free of course.

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