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Broken Down Brand Kit - Baroness Coffee.


Specialty coffee & tea for every taste.

We are a select coffee importer who carefully roasts and flavors a wide variety of exquisite gourmet coffees--and ships them to you to enjoy anywhere in the world.

Beginning in 1995, Baroness was created with drive and a dream to provide discerning customers with an exceptional, elegant, and uniquely satisfying coffee experience.

Our mission is to use the best beans in the widest varieties, ethically sourced with the highest quality standards. 


Baroness is one of the premier coffee companies in Colorado. In addition to our exceptional coffees grown in the world's most fertile coffee regions, we offer a fine line of teas, coffee carts, espresso machines, and accessories to enhance your experience.

Making Coffee
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Choose Your Beans

Select and purchase your favorite Baroness coffees through our online shop.

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Rewards Tracking

We will record and track each online purchase for each customer in our database.

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Earn Free Coffee

After purchasing 11 one-pound bags of coffee, we will send you a free bag as a special thank you.

*Includes all coffee varieties. Valid for coffee only.

At Baroness, our ultimate goal is to provide a pleasurable coffee experience for all our customers.

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